Using canvas, acrylic paint, and often a variety of mixed media materials including tissue paper, gel medium, wood, fiber, metal, shells, rocks, found objects, and foraged items, I create paintings that emphasize color, composition, and texture.  I am inspired by things that I find interesting and beautiful, and my muses include natural and historical subject matters, as well as dreams and ideas.  I relish the feeling of being inspired and trying to translate that into a visual explanation.

Many of my painting ideas are sparked by photographs.  I have a keen interest in photography and pursue it as a fine art medium.  My photographic subject matters are diverse and include macro photographs of nature, landscapes, objects of curiosity, and surrealist compositions of associated photographs.  Like my paintings, my photographs maintain an emphasis on composition. 

 I am always exploring and researching new subjects and applications.  When themes or subject matters are especially absorbing for me, I develop them into small collections or whole series of parallel paintings and photographs.  There are also causes that I feel inspired and passionate about, and my art often reflects that.